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6 thoughts on “Harvard paper to central banks: Purchase Bitcoin!”

  1. tldr; A new working paper by Harvard economics professor Matthew Ferranti argues that it makes sense for many central banks to hold a small amount of Bitcoin under normal circumstances and much more Bitcoin if they face sanctions risks. He argues that gold is a more useful sanctions hedge, as it is five times less volatile. The paper doesn’t say anything about whether applying sanctions is a good or bad thing.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  2. What we should want, as Bitcoiners, is broad mainstream adoption and investment of Bitcoin, before the banks and corporations make regulations friendly enough for them to buy it all.

    This should be seen as a race to the last Bitcoin. it is literally a zero sum game.

    In the future, you will either have Bitcoin, or you won’t, and your caste in life will be decided upon it. That will apply, whether you are an individual, a company, a bank, or a nation.

    Not having a position in Bitcoin, based on ignorance, or ideology, is not a viable option

    Get in, or get left behind. Either way, you are making a choice.

  3. The premise of this is bypassing western sanctions can be achieved by leveraging bitcoin. I’m long bitcoin too, but this thesis is not good for bitcoin. The idea that institutional investors will own an asset and help prop up a market for nation states like Iran and Russia to fund aggressive foreign policy really doesn’t make sense.


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