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Has the Excitement Around Reddit Avatars Diminished?


The Reddit Avatar Hype has been around for a while now, and it’s been a popular way for Reddit users to express themselves and show off their personalities. But is the hype gone?

The Reddit Avatar Hype started in 2013 when Reddit introduced the ability for users to upload their own avatar. This allowed users to customize their profile and show off their own unique style. Since then, the Reddit Avatar Hype has grown exponentially, with users creating more and more creative avatars.

However, in recent years, the Reddit Avatar Hype has started to die down. This could be due to the fact that Reddit has become more mainstream, and users are less likely to want to stand out with their avatars. Additionally, the rise of other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat has taken away some of the attention from Reddit.

Despite the decline in the Reddit Avatar Hype, there are still plenty of users who are passionate about their avatars. Many users still take pride in creating unique avatars that represent their personalities and interests. Additionally, there are still plenty of subreddits dedicated to avatar creation, where users can share their creations and get feedback from other users.

Overall, the Reddit Avatar Hype may have died down, but it’s still alive and well. There are still plenty of users who take pride in their avatars and use them to express themselves. So, if you’re looking for a way to stand out on Reddit, creating a unique avatar is still a great way to do it.

25 thoughts on “Has the Excitement Around Reddit Avatars Diminished?”

  1. I think it’s just getting started.

    There have been sweeps going on left and right on almost all of the avatars from the cheapest to some of the more expensive ones.

  2. Are u kidding me ?

    **GEN 3** is hyped af . I am going crazy over how to prepare to get my favourites.

    Rojom’s and Olly’s are my favourite for now. I want that golden crow on Olly’s.

  3. It’s because the ones left have no monetary value. They are free to get, and with a high mint number.
    The hype about avatars was always about the artist releases which are exclusive and have a specilative secondary value in Opensea.

  4. There were some issues with the vault yesterday. For some reason my wife who is new to reddit, could not claim hers after she created her vault. Gave some cryptic error. Seems to work fine now though.

  5. Those are the free ones. You can only choose one per account and not a lot of people know about it.

    You better believe that Gen3 will get sold out in a few hours, if not minutes.

  6. I guess people just collect them for fun like you do. Personally I don’t have any of these Reddit nfts and still don’t know what to with them.

  7. With all the free ones, there are a ton of choices listed for a couple bucks on OpenSea. Especially with that year end recap round, bunch of cool options. There will end up being a lot of low cost options for casuals and a few “collector” avatars worth multiple ETH

  8. You’re totally misunderstanding the “launch.”

    The endangered animals you can claim in your Explore tab are free and have 199k supply. They aren’t Gen3. These are freebies that weren’t even announced propoerly.

    The hype is about the upcoming release of Gen3 Artist Avatars sold through the Shop tab (expected to appear somewhere between now and mid Arpil). Just the news of Gen3 is already pumping the secondary avatar market on opensea like crazy. Biggest collections already 2x-ed in a few days.


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