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Helpful Exit Plan and Wallet Suggestionsexit plan help and wallet recommendations

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for some advice on exit plan help and wallet recommendations. I’m new to the cryptocurrency world and I’m trying to figure out the best way to protect my investments. I’m looking for a wallet that is secure and reliable, and I’m also looking for advice on how to create an exit plan in case I need to liquidate my investments quickly.

Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


6 thoughts on “Helpful Exit Plan and Wallet Suggestionsexit plan help and wallet recommendations”

  1. I wouldn’t hold the money in stablecoins during the bearmarket. Stablecoins can collaps and it happens in the bearmarket most of the time. Better hold your dry powder in a “stable” fiat currency like Euro/Doller

  2. >Im buying btc and i want to sell when its bullish in the next couple years, i want to convert to usdt and wait until the next bear, then pass the usdt to btc again.

    Many people want to make the perfect trade, 99% of them won’t. Never sell all of your bitcoin because it might never go back down and you’ll end up buying it back at a higher price. USDT isn’t safe. Like every other “stablecoin”, it can lose its peg. When this is happening, it’s usually pretty fast. Reconsider this strategy to cash.

    >Is this considered a sort of exit plan? Its not totally exit but eventually i will like to cash out and perhaps use the funds to buy some land and make my own house or down payment.

    Again, your money. Once you’ll learn more, you might change your plans. One way or another, never go zero bitcoin.

    >Also i am currently holding my coins at binance (yeah dont need to tell me) i just need to educate myself properly before doing something, i dont wanna mess it up and lose it all, as today i feel its safer in binance because of this reason.

    These are NOT your coins. Binance is giving you a promise they will give you these coins in the future. Research MtGox, Celsius, FTX and many other exchanges. Everything’s usually fine until it isn’t. Install BlueWallet and move your coins out. If it’s a larger sum, get a hardware wallet like BitBox, ColdCard or Trezor. Don’t bother with Legder.

    >I want to make my own wallet from a site, save the credentials on a laptop running tails without any internet connection,

    No website, it’s called Electrum and it’s already preinstalled in the Tails OS.

    >perhaps keeping a metal backup (may go to 2 different blacksmiths or metal workers and make half with each)

    Paper and metal backups are necessary, don’t use blacksmith, do it yourself.

  3. You should look into alphasquared and their dynamic dca approach. You scale in and out of markets based on market risk and so far their risk metric has done an amazing job at catching tops, bottoms and everything inbetween.


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