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Here is my take transferring ahead, BTC

I see regulation parameters leaked very shortly, earlier than the tip of the yr.

BTC can be favored by regulators as a SOV and a MOE, Why? As a result of they need to! They won’t attempt to diminish the worth of the BTC protocol anymore as a result of the reality lies within the Dev’s, The Protocol, the Miners and all of the BTC Hodlers and Believers!! This can’t be ignored any longer.

The BTC Universe is represented by the worlds smartest and most clever people on the Planet who’ve a HEART that shares the Human aspect of commerce primarily based on equity and free commerce for all individuals.

Calling BTC a P. Scheme is like calling the Federal Reserve a Meals Financial institution; it is solely half proper!

The HOPIUM half:

We transfer up in worth from right here, the value manipulators had run their course, and the planet has one other type of foreign money primarily based on a real decentralized worth system that’s the similar for everybody.


8 thoughts on “Here is my take transferring ahead, BTC”

  1. The Federal Reserve System is in fact a pyramid scheme, since it has to find always new debtors borrowing higher amounts otherwise it would collapse, because loans have terms while deposits have not. The only way out is to create more debt each cycle so the current debtors can service their loans.

  2. Good news is the blockchain cannot be regulated. Least not in the short run. Look how long it took govts to figure out how to tax online transactions. I would argue the exchanges need additional regulation (I.e. liquidity minimums, proof of reserves, something like FDIC insurance). We are already getting taxed on fiat gains so why shouldn’t we have some security and bang for our buck. I’m sure it’s already been said but the silver lining of this FTX fiasco is that people are moving to cold wallets in droves. Sole custody is the heart of the blockchain. Exchange custody is the antithesis of what Bitcoin and the blockchain were meant for. Maybe hopium but I think this is a dim start to a very bright future.

  3. Ok, BTC itself can not be regulated, as I hear too often in these recent discussions, which is true… But many are missing the big point here, also being reflected by the OP above. Regulation is coming for exchanges and financial institutions, which is going to help BTCs value overall because as soon as these big dogs, investors and financial giants, are more protected by Uncle Sam through these regulations and policies on the exchanges, the more security, the more money you have being thrown into the BTC ring, more commercial adoption etc… Equalling more demand and less quantity in the process. US regulation and policy can only help BTCs value overall. It’s a win/win for everyone getting on board now and soon, honestly. So, don’t fool yourself with the thinking that policy and regulation isn’t huge for the future of BTC. ????????????????


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