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Hey ????????

I’m a starter who’s prepared to begin bitcoin buying and selling, I’ve received a fairly good finances and watched loads of movies and programs to assist, however in fact, I lack expertise.

Can I’ve any ideas and methods from the skilled ones, please?

34 thoughts on “Hey ????????”

  1. Trading bitcoin is a losing game, especially for the new and naive. I’d be **very** careful doing what you propose and intending to make a profit. All kinds of influencers and TA analysist will tell you exactly what you want to hear, I beg you **do not listen to them**.

    If I were you right now I’d take time and learn. You can start here: https://lopp.net/bitcoin

    Hopefully what you learn is that Bitcoin is better held, spent, than traded – and how to learn how to safely hold and spend your coins.

  2. First thing you should know about anything related to money, everyone is a scammer. Keep your money far far away from anyone making promises about how much money you’re gonna make. They are only there to take it from you.

    Bitcoin is pretty good though. Its a money not created out of thin air by scammers like a government or a company. Just use it for what its good for.

  3. If you want to trade Bitcoin your gambling on what the whales will do basically. You can do some trades but I would suggest moderate ones. Maybe stack up 1-2 bitcoins and at the peak of a bull run which happens every few years sell pay your taxes. And when it comes back down take some profit and buy back in. Your better off just getting a decent job and investing in it long term. Than going to a university

  4. Trading Bitcoin it tremendously dangerous. It’s highly unlikely you will successfully achieve to time the market. Most people attempting to do so eventually end up with less or no coins at all. Unless you are a pro trader. Which are maximum about 5 out of 100. The other 95% fail. Their cumulative loss is the shared profit of the remaining 5%.
    The most efficient way for almost all people here is doing dca and hodl. For at least five years. Ten years still better. “Time in the market” always beats “timing the market”. So get a hardware wallet and get comfortable using it securely! Then stick to the virtues that bitcoin actually teaches: Openness, modesty, honesty and patience.

    Tl;dr: Dca, hodl, self-custody, patience.

  5. People and organizations with decades of professional and academic experience and research fail at making money actively trading, on average. It’s far worse for individual retail investors who think they can figure out how to come on top of the big boy institutional trading game while competing against massive computerized trading operations.

    Don’t try to actively trade – statistically, you will lose.

  6. Buying Bitcoin is a good idea. Learning how to buy and move it, starting with a tiny amount until you are familiar, would be where I recommend starting.

    You’re (probably) entering at a good time, more or less. If you look at past price performance you will note a pronounced four year pattern. At the peaks you’ll find a lot of people buying out of FOMO. At the valleys you’ll find Bitcoin obituaries and gloating haters.

    The advice not to put in more than you can afford to do without is the best advice you can get. If history is any guide, bitcoin purchased now will be worth a lot more in a year and a half and you can take some profits if you want.

    Never sell at a loss thinking it’s crashing further and you can buy back in cheaper. If you buy and it drops, maybe buy a little more. Then it drops more? Buy more! Or don’t. But don’t put yourself in the position of having to sell. Then you’ll join the haters, and hate yourself when the price takes off again.

  7. If your new, (with a big budget) I would put most of it into cold storage and hodl it, especially cause we’re so much lower than ath. And then if you’re truly hellbent in trading, I’d start small. Get your feet wet and learn to trade and gain experience because you WILL lose money too. But I wouldn’t trade off Bitcoin. Trade off more volatile shitcoins. I personally just buy and hold Bitcoin. Obviously this is just my two sats and you do you, but most (I repeat most) lose money trading. Few get exceptionally well at it. That’s why I’d suggest starting small. Cheers ????

  8. DO NOT TRADE. Unless you have experience working on a trading desk at a bank for many years, you should NOT trade.

    Invest by DCA (Dollar Cost Average). Daily, weekly, or monthly investments of the same amount over a long period of time. This is the only way to almost guarantee results. Compound interest will allow for exponential growth.

    Trading is a losers game. Any self proclaimed traders that believe they have the ability to beat the market in the long run are liars. 99% of traders do not beat the market and 90% completely fail (lose everything). ESPECIALLY with crypto.


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