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23 thoughts on “Holding Bitcoin in a Tax-Free Retirement AccountIf you could hold Bitcoin in a tax-free retirement account”

  1. I hold bitcoin in a tax-free retirement account called BitBox02 and it is tax-free after holding it for minimum 1 year (in Germany). The percentage, you ask? A cool 100 percent vs. stock 0 percent…lol

  2. It’s purely what your 401k is to you.

    For some, they have most of their investments/retirement in a 401k. For others that 401k is a small part.

    Mine is a small part so I’ve been thinking of making it all bitcoin with GBTC. It’s essentially play money for me.

  3. If you are american you can already do this if your brokerage allows you to have a tax free account that allows BTC ETF with Toronto stock exchange in Canada (Canadians can buy US Stocks on tax free accounts). Can buy BTCC.B of BTCX.B

    The BTC ETF USA is waiting for already exists in Canada for a couple years now. If you want to buy now before the next pump (or dump) that’s your best option.

  4. My country has a spot bitcoin etf fully backed by bitcoin in cold storage. My tax free account is now 100% allocated to btc through this vehicle, fully out of the stock market.

    Might allocate 20% or so to stonks after the next bull run pumps my bags tho.

  5. When I am able to retire, I won’t need to cash out the Bitcoin, I can just spend it.

    When I faced financial hardship, I liquidated my 401K rather than my coins. Cold, dead, diamond hands.

  6. 80% BTC, 20% COIN

    It’s actually easier in the US with long term cap gains to save money buying and selling BTC with 1+ year hold than a 401k or similar.

    …but, the 401k is tax-free capital so technically it has an advantage over post-tax capital allocated to an investment.

    For those already sitting on 6-figures in their 401k, btc is going to be a great option for them and that’s why SO many people underestimate retail. They simply aren’t taking into account the billions tied up in self-directed 401k’s


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