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11 thoughts on “how can I change bitcoin to USD in an emergency?”

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  2. Do not respond to any DMs offering to buy. They are all scammers.

    Do you not have any accounts on an exchange? How did you buy in the first place? Depending on your area, there could be exchanges that will allow you to sell and withdraw fiat in the same day. That would be your best bet.

    If you are really desperate, find a Bitcoin ATM in your area. The fees will be higher, but you can sell BTC and receive cash instantly.

  3. Im not sure the region, but look at any apps out there that you could use. In the US for example, we have CashApp and you could transfer your bitcoin, sell instantly, then transfer instantly to your debit card. You’d pay a lot of fees, but it’s an option.

  4. Just for others, and future reference, don’t put money you can’t afford into this. In the last year it has fallen 75%.

    It is a risky volatile investment, and should be treated as such. That means you only put a small percentage of your money into it. Certainly not the money you might need for emergency medical help.

    It is a cool and interesting thing to get into, but it is still an investment. Don’t invest what you can’t afford.

  5. BTC at this stage isn’t really something you can rely on for an *immediate* emergency unless if you have the infrastructure already universally established.

    You could of course look for a bitcoin atm, or somebody who is willing to exchange btc for cash – but most people have an emergency fund in the form of something local doctors would accept – like local fiat currency.

    Aside from medical emergencies, other emergencies tend to be tied to economic climate e.g. losing your job during a recession – and this same climate may negatively impact the value of Bitcoin.

    Having a fiat emergency fund therefore not only aids your emergency, but also helps delay your need to sell your bitcoin at a discount price.

  6. Thankfully, BTC is highly liquid. So although you might not get the absolute value (due to transaction fees), you can on-demand turn it into USD.

    You’ll need to use an exchange, for that reason I’d keep an account on an exchange. This is likely the same exchange you use to initially buy btc using USD.

    Also – if you’re in the US, almost all medical systems will bill you to pay at a later time. I don’t know any reputable doctor or healthcare provider that will refuse emergency care if you don’t pay them upfront.


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