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how central change purchase/promote bitcoin


can any person eli5 the way it works when shopping for a bitcoin from an change? how can I make sure that it is a bitcoin (ex. they will merely change the coding to make it BTC ticker, image, brand)

apologies if it is a very dumb query

4 thoughts on “how central change purchase/promote bitcoin”

  1. > how can I be sure that it’s a bitcoin (ex. they can simply change the coding to make it BTC ticker, symbol, logo)

    You can’t be sure until you withdraw it to your own wallet. But even then you are trusting that wallet’s developers (or maintainers of the nodes that wallet connects to) so if you want to be *really* sure, you need to withdraw the coins to a wallet that is connected to your own node, which then verifies the coins for you.

  2. When you buy from an exchange you buy an IOU entry in a private database the exchange controls. An exchange then assigns your balance to a value in a pool the exchange have in their custody and a regulated exchange is required to keep that ratio at 1:1.

    The short answer is you don’t know for sure because you don’t own the keys to your Bitcoin until you transfer that Bitcoin to your own personal hardware wallet.

    Buy from a regulated exchange.and immediatley transfer it out to your hard wallet.


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