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How Do You Utilize Your Moons?What do you do with your Moons ?

Hey everyone!

I’m curious to know what you all do with your Moons? Do you use them to buy things, save them, or something else? I’m just starting to get into the world of cryptocurrency and I’m interested to hear what other people are doing with their Moons.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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42 thoughts on “How Do You Utilize Your Moons?What do you do with your Moons ?”

  1. I sold most of mine to buy a brand new 150cc Motorcycle, but i’m buying them back slowly…i’m just glad not to have to use public transport anymore…it’s kind of insane that my shitposting got me here, i’m quite happy.

  2. I keep them in my Vault for Governance polls. I don’t have enough to provide liquidity and wouldn’t bother moving it all every month for KM restoring.

    So I just sit there and engage with the sub without much plan. Time will tell.

  3. I hold them and there’s only two scenarios that will happen with my moons:

    1. They go to zero and I loose literally nothing but the time I’ve invested in this sub.

    2. I make nearly life changing money with them.

  4. I swap 25% of my distribution every month for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    That way, I “take profits” on Moons while still increasing my overall bag size, whilst also lowering my average cost basis for my Bitcoin and Ethereum bags.

  5. I’m selling my 25% for ETH so that at least I will get something in case Reddit decides to switch their stance on RCP or implement side wide coin. The rest I’m keeping until $5+ or nothing.

  6. I’m holding for the time being. I firmly believe $1 is only a matter of time. I also feel $5 is a very likely possibility.

    Regardless I’m grateful to be along for this ride


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