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How does lightning work in a pockets akin to blue pockets? few Q’s.

They make it “straightforward” to make use of, however I ponder if my pockets is opening a lightning channel once I “high up”, in all probability towards their very own node? (they do point out I can use my very own, however what occurs if I do not)

Or have they got their very own lightning channel open and the pockets stability is simply an IOU like exchanges?

Can I obtain on a newly created lightning pockets in blue, with out topping it up first? Who established the channels in that case?

Lastly: If I create a lightning pockets A, and a lightning pockets B, what precautions ought to I would like to contemplate if I wish to transfer the funds from one to the opposite and I do not need folks to have the ability to hint them?

I perceive the fundamentals of how the system works, however there appear to be some handy “layers” of abstraction on high that confuse me.

Thanks upfront.

2 thoughts on “How does lightning work in a pockets akin to blue pockets? few Q’s.”

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  2. The default setup for Bluewallet’s lightning wallet is custodial. You would be using their node and their channels. Your balance would be a entry in their database. It can be used non-custodially by setting up LndHub on your own LND node and attaching the wallet to that.


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