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14 thoughts on “How must you fly with {hardware} pockets with out being conspicuous?”

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  2. Just put it in your bag. The coins aren’t even on the wallet (they are on the blockchain). All you have on the wallet are some private keys, absolutely nothing to worry about.

    It’s kinda like saying “how should I travel with my debit card”.

  3. What you think TSA or some randomer is going to look at you and be like ‘that man has a usb stick on his keys, he looks very conspicuous, I hope he isn’t smuggling bitcoin though the boarders”….

  4. Don’t wear any large graphics on your clothes (especially Bitcoin clothes), be boring looking, store it with all of your other small electronics, use a duress wallet if your HWW supports that.

    If you’re super paranoid, you could do a multisig setup and only cross borders with a single key at a time so it’s not even possible for them to compromise your stack if they seized your wallet.

  5. The others who have responded have obviously not done a lot of traveling, and don’t realize that if you do get detained, you may be asked to cough up the private keys or unlock the device and ask questions about your finances.

    The safest way to travel with your hardware wallet is to seal it in a plastic tube and hide it in your rectum. You are very unlikely to get a cavity search, and if you do, you don’t have anything illegal anyway, so you’re safe.

    But definitely don’t just put it with your computer and think it will slip by unnoticed.

    TSA know what the most common types of hardware wallets are, and will definitely question you.

  6. If anyone knows what it actually is, then it’s simply a wallet or a key to them. If they don’t, it’s a USB memory stick or some other form of USB dongle. Neither item is restricted from being carried in hand luggage anywhere. Keep it with your laptop, tablet, charger cables etc as normal. Through the scanner machine, leave it in the bag with your charger cables, make sure it’s still there at the other side.

    Start poking stuff up your ass and not only are you just asking for a cavity search if they have a body scanner, but that won’t be the last of it. Why would anyone stick something up their ass to go through airport security? You’re not in for an easy time explaining that to their satisfaction. The first question will be why isn’t it with the rest of your electronics, and tell me again why is it up your ass? Is this what you say it is? And tell me again why you thought it was a good idea to shove it up your ass?

    There’s no way you’re catching that plane, and if by some miracle you make your plane, they’re not going to let you stand up for the entire flight!

  7. Are you in the US? Are you flying internationally? Is there more than 10k$ US in the address? Technically the keys aren’t the money but I would not want to test that. I really wouldn’t travel internationally with it.

  8. I think most comments here assume you’ll be flying into and out of Western countries, and their comments may be valid in that region. When flying into countries lacking Western legal & ethical norms, it may be another ballgame. I don’t know the answer to your question, but you should think through worse case scenarios and be prepared for them. I wouldn’t be too surprised if, while entering/ exiting a country with a high corruption index, you found yourself facing a forced “immunization” (see **Angola/Chad story below), threats of some criminal charge, etc., unless you divulged your keys.

    I read an article recently where the author recommended that you have an account of low value that you can offer up, keeping your high value account safe. (I’m relatively new to bitcoin, so I don’t yet know how to implement this, but my travels into countries with high corruption ratings tells me that, if they can extort your coins from you, they certainly will.)

    **Colleagues of mine who flew into either Angola or Chad in the 1990s were faced with either taking a forced injection (a mandatory ”immunization“) or paying a $100 “fee” in U.S. dollars (cash) before being granted entry into the country. They produced their travel vaccine records, which demonstrated that they had already taken all of the vaccines required for entry. Despite this, they were told they had to either take the injection or pay the fee. They paid the fee. (If they had been carrying cold wallets, I bet they would have been asked for their keys.)


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