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How safe is my pockets?

I created a self custody pockets. I am nonetheless a little bit insecure about how secure it’s.

I used a outdated laptop computer, with a used laborious drive. I wiped the laborious drive with a zeroing program and eliminated the community card. I then made a flash drive with a debian derived OS and electrum pockets.

I verified the gpg signatures of debian and electrum and by no means linked to the web earlier than I created my pockets.


I really feel fairly good that my laptop computer is air locked. However I am nonetheless frightened about a few issues.


1. How random is the seed that generates electrum non-public keys? Might the truth that I used an older laptop computer imply that my pc cannot generate sufficiently random numbers? I believe that is referred to as a pseudo random quantity exploit the place hackers know of flaws in pseudo random quantity turbines and have the non-public keys which can be more likely to be generated by them. (That is the primary supply of my fear proper now)
2. I’ve considered shopping for a {hardware} pockets however I’m frightened that somebody might return a pockets to the producer and so they might repackage it (I’ll get a {hardware} pockets that is been tampered with) I additionally fear that their random quantity generator would possibly comply with a sample fairly than being sufficiently random.

For motive 2 I might choose to create my very own chilly storage pockets if doable. However it looks as if {hardware} wallets are very really helpful.

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