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How to Create Stealth PayPal Account

How to Create Stealth PayPal Account

Sometimes it is necessary to create an anonymous PayPal account to use for online purchases and activities in order to protect your personal information. Here’s how to set up a stealth PayPal account and protect your identity.

Steps to Follow:

  • Create an Email Account – Create a new email account that acts as your fake identity. Use aliases and alternate spellings to make it harder to trace. Make sure the email address doesn’t implicate you or contain any personal information.
  • Sign Up for a PayPal Account – Visit PayPal.com and use your new email address to create a new account. Provide all the necessary information as asked for in the signup form and be sure to use all false information. Choose the unverified status for maximum security.
  • Add a Bank Account – You will have to add a bank account to your PayPal account. It does not have to be yours, though it is recommended to be one of your own. Note that a verified bank account also helps hide your identity more.
  • Avoid Suspicious Activity – PayPal is very strict on suspicious activities so make sure you are careful in your transactions. Don’t use the account to perform tasks you know to be suspicious.
  • Use a VPN – Use a VPN while performing activities in the account. A VPN helps mask your identity even further behind layers of security.

Creating a stealth PayPal account is a great way to protect your personal information and increase your online privacy. Make sure you follow these steps and be as discreet as possible.

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