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How/When to Clear Home?

Asking from the attitude of somebody who’s an influence consumer of Adderall presses. No reselling, however in mild of a latest arrest of a vendor I used to purchase Addy presses from, I’m anxious that the sheer quantity bought may warrant a knock on the door.

Not searching for recommendation by way of drug use, however realistically I can’t totally clear home. I want the medicine myself.

What do I do digitally? Like do I delete the whole lot? Tor? GPG suite? This submit?

Am I simply worrying excessively? Sort of assuming the worst right here, I.e. that the feds have entry to all of the orders, encrypted or not, and plan on knocking on doorways.

I doubt I’d be excessive up on that checklist since I by no means bought what I think about he was placing fent in, however nonetheless.

8 thoughts on “How/When to Clear Home?”

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  2. DUDE THE DEA, FBI, CIA, POSTAL POLICE, SECRET SERVICE, HOMELAND SECURITY, ATF, REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRAT PARTIES (yes both, this is how bad you have fucked up) are already on their way. I guess you didn’t hear about the joint task force going on to get these fucking Adderall presses off the streets. Did you know just ONE Adderall press is now a mandatory minimum of 10 years in a Federal prison (maximum security of course)?!!?! So not IF but WHEN they bring the national guard in to raid your house you need to be prepared. First, when they get there MAKE SURE you have your gun out when you go to the door so they know you aren’t some kind of fucking bitch and they will treat you with respect (trust me I have done it 1000 times). Any time they ask you a question just calmly and politely respond with how well you have been “deep dickn” their mother (again they will have nothing but respect for you). At this point there is a possibility that they might take you to the station. When you walk in make sure to use as many racial slurs as possible (so everyone knows that you run shit, regardless of who that person is). You do these very simple few things and I promise you will be ok. Best of luck to you man. Adderall presses are nothing to fuck around with. Why do you think all the frat Bros are some of the hardest fucking gangsters walking??? It ain’t easy being a thug. When it comes to Adderall all best are off. I will pray for you thug.

  3. The vendor you are probably talking about was the asshole who was caught with major poundage of fent in Inglewood, California. The larger the city you are in the less likely for a door knock. Only small towns give a shit about consumer amounts, big cities ignore them.

    You don’t need a new house, you need a new vendor.

  4. I just made a reddit account recently because I heard people share their real life stories, advice, help etc; kinda like Twitter community. I joined because I have interest in learning how to become a hacker so I can get a job. I seriously don’t know the right approach. Thats the reason I joined this reddit group. Im not trying to do harm I just want a better career/job.


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