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I am getting an increasing number of bullish about Polygon on a regular basis

After slightly extra then 2 years within the area, I’m turning into extra bullish on a regular basis in regards to the prospects of Polygon for the following 5 years.

As it’s possible you’ll know, Polygon is a layer-2 scaling resolution constructed on prime of Ethereum and is designed to assist scale Ethereum-based dApps and DeFi initiatives. With Polygon, Ethereum-based initiatives can scale to tens of millions of transactions per second, making it one of the crucial enticing scaling options accessible. It is designed as a proof-of-stake sidechain proper now, however devs have said they plan to grow to be a full-fledge layer-2 within the close to future. In addition they have strong plan to decentralize their community.

That being stated… One of many major the reason why I’m so bullish on Polygon is its potential to facilitate real-world use instances. Polygon can be utilized to construct a wide range of decentralized functions, from NFTs and gaming to DeFi and past. Reddit selected this blockchain to launch their extensively succesfull Collectible Avatars, as did Starbucks for his or her subsequent loyalty program.

Another excuse why I’m so bullish on Polygon is as a result of it presents benefits over different layer-1s. For instance, Polygon has a a lot decrease value for transactions than different layer-1s. Fuel is commonly beneath $0.0!5 As well as, Polygon’s structure is designed to be safer than different alt layer-1s, resembling Solana or Cardano, making it a really perfect resolution for functions that require excessive safety. Polygon’s know-how permits for a lot quicker transaction speeds than different layer-1s, making it potential to construct functions that require quick speeds.

The truth that Matic, the native Polygon token, is used to pay for gasoline can be an enormous catalyst for this token.

Lastly, I’m bullish on Polygon due to its robust neighborhood and improvement staff. The neighborhood could be very lively and supportive, and the devs are continually engaged on enhancing the platform and introducing new options. This makes it potential to construct and deploy functions rapidly, which can be an enormous first-mover benefit when the following bull market resume.

In fact, this isn’t monetary advise and you must DYOR, however in my view, I can be accumulating Matic for the following few months.

What do you concentrate on my thesis?

27 thoughts on “I am getting an increasing number of bullish about Polygon on a regular basis”

  1. I discovered Polygon looking for the fastest cheapest way to move my funds around after being dormant in the crypto space for a few years. 45 minutes of research landed me there. After seeing all the partnerships which such big names and their performance in the market during all this FTX drama, I feel like it will be in the top 5 most used coins moving forward.

  2. Polygon will one day join the COSMOS and then you’ll see it really fly

    Polygon uses a modified version of Tendermint called peppermint, they can connect and become part of the Cosmos ecosystem

  3. Man if you are bullish about it today, imagine how you are going to feel about it tomorrow.

    And then, the day after that? Even more bullish.

    Then, the next day, you will wake up thinking you can’t be any more bullish and boom even more bullish than the day before.

  4. Not to mention, last month JP Morgan executed its first live trade on a public blockchain wherein it issued 100,000 tokenised Singapore dollars (US$71,000) on Polygon, using the Aave protocol. It then exchanged the tokenised Singapore dollars for tokenised Japanese yen.

  5. I like the platform, but not the token. Fees are too low to generate meaningful revenue. We also don’t know if the L2 solutions will use MATIC.

    Bullish on the tech (Geth + Tendermint + future L2s), not on the tokenomics.

  6. >Polygon has a much lower cost for transactions than other layer-1s. Gas is often below $0.0!5
    >The fact that Matic, the native Polygon token, is used to pay for gas is also a huge catalyst for this token.

    Do you not see a problem with this?


    >With Polygon, Ethereum-based projects can scale to millions of transactions per second

    Not quite…


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