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I believe I am prepared to purchase ETH

I’ve held a fairly sturdy BTC conviction since November of final 12 months. Cycled out of all my alts and landed on 100% BTC by the beginning of 2022. I have been DCAing ever since. Form of had the plan to solely purchase BTC going ahead. I had made my thoughts up that BTC was all an individual wanted. I nonetheless imagine it is the important decentralized, no counter occasion, digital asset value proudly owning.

However now that I have been uncovered to extra of the crypto group, I’ve warmed as much as Ethereum. I believe it helps to view it as a completely totally different worth proposition. I would not argue which one is healthier. BTC is individually distinctive. ETH is the chief in POS and has worth because the main sensible contract platform. POS might assist or not it’s seen extra favorably by regulators.

With that stated, I believe I am prepared to separate my DCA with ETH. I’m nonetheless fearful about its long run regulatory threats and success in executing its numerous improvement levels however I do not suppose competing L1s will kill ETH. Additionally, I’ve the benefit of pivoting with the market since I am always following crypto information. I might have enough time to react to actual threats in comparison with the passive investor.

So, ought to I begin shopping for ETH? Is ETH the actual deal?

45 thoughts on “I believe I am prepared to purchase ETH”

  1. ETH is a very strong #2 so it’s one of the safest coins out here. Because it’ll be very deflationary in the next bull run, I believe that we’ll see something like 6-8k as a new ATH. ETH is definitely a great buy

  2. > Is ETH the real deal?

    I mean just look at the project age, adoption, recognition, and usage. By what standard would it not be the real deal? Outside of BTC, nothing comes close to ETH

  3. I’m not sure about the advantage of the investor that follows the news vs the passive one. Would’ve been a very good idea to DCA into BTC and ETH over time and ignoring all the fud. Timing markets is often times just an illusion. But my respects to anyone who sells tops and anticipates the market

  4. How bout you give me half of what you’re going to invest, I kick you in the nuts and we call it a day?

    No but seriously I’m the confirmation bias you’re looking for I love ETH as a level 1. I like they take the time to properly develop, so I believe, verse coins that are rushing to try and pass opening them up to a higher rate of error

  5. Most of us who transitioned to ETH were originally Bitcoiners. Many of us still advocate for holding some of both.

    I went to Ethereum because I wanted a more useful Bitcoin. With every passing year since my jump from BTC to ETH in 2017, I have seen so much impressive progress and use cases I never would have imagined brought to ethereum.

    It successfully went to PoS, so I’m now more happy than ever with my long term decision. We really won’t be able to keep looking away from the detrimental environmental effect of PoW systems, despite attempts to get all mining farms running off renewables.

    Which, don’t get me wrong. The original idea of Bitcoin was that of rebellion against corrupted traditional finance. The transparent ledger and books that couldn’t be cooked. The static nature is both biggest strength and fatal flaw. I think we must all respect the original idea that took root in society, while also striving to improve upon that idea.

  6. I was a “BTC Maximalist” back when this term even exist since 2015, then I converted all my Crypto into ETH in 2018, I still remember how I missed the ETH public sale :/

    There’s so many debate we can do here to discuss why I think ETH have far more potential than BTC, but I think you can easily find similar discussion with a search, so I’ll just talk about one thing:

    The BTC dominance have been slowly declining while ETH dominance is climbing steadily since its inception.


    (Oh and I don’t like the idea that ASIC miner market is dominated by Antminer, sometimes I joke about bitcoin as Antminer coin)

  7. There might not be as much tribalism if more people paid enough attention to see the different value props, same as OP.

    Bitcoin is general use currency. Ethereum is general use.
    World Computer & token economy. Ether is its liquidity layer.
    BTC hedges against fiat’s uncertain future. Ethereum’s digital economy is building an alternative to the fiat system.
    That’s basically it.

  8. Personally I refuse to buy ETH for a few reasons.

    They don’t have a withdraw button for staking. They didn’t even try to roll out a withdraw button at the same time as the merge after YEARS of preparation. Its like Hotel California. I prefer the UTXO and eUTXO models over the account balance model. Gas fees can get insane because of the account balance model.

    There are censorship concerns due to giant validators ignoring ETH that interacted with tornadocash. 32 ETH minimum stake in addition to computer configurations with 24/7 uptime and good internet is hard for the average joe to secure the network. Due to that many average retail investors have decided to stake on a centralized exchange. People say “USE ROCKETPOOL!” but realistically that isn’t even ideal because you get rETH instead of ETH when you stake. If I stake I want the actual asset. I don’t want a derivative.

    The pros to buying ETH are that it is by far the most adopted ecosystem. They have the first mover advantage in the Layer 1 blockchain space. Realistically its not going anywhere anytime soon. If you are a hippie obsessed with clean energy so much so that you are frothing at the mouth…It has less carbon emmissions than BTC. There are a lot of developers. Solidity is a very heavily adopted programming language. Eventually people will be able to withraw their ETH. They won’t say when but eventually. Censorship concerns are being addressed and will be solved eventually.

    In the end it is up to you but this is just a few of the main reasons. I don’t want this post to be too long so I will stop here.


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