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I generated an handle and despatched some bitcoin to it, now how do I entry it?

I generated an handle + key phrase utilizing an offline web site, and despatched some cash to that handle from an internet pockets. The switch seems to have been profitable.

Now how do I ship from the brand new pockets? I’ve the handle and key phrase, and I am snug with linux.

5 thoughts on “I generated an handle and despatched some bitcoin to it, now how do I entry it?”

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  2. install electrum.

    if your keyphrase is 12 or 24 words import it as bip39 wallet.

    if your private key is simply a string then create a new wallet in electrum and click on menu > wallet > private keys > sweep to pull the coins from your addrss into the wallet.

  3. First, ignore any DMs offering to help. They are all scams.

    In the future, avoid using websites to generate seed phrases. You don’t know what’s in the code, and they could easily send you a seed phrase that they already know and steal your funds. I’m sure many people get scammed by websites like this. It doesn’t matter if it’s offline if it is made by a malicious person.

    Use a free, open source wallet to do this. It will generate your keys and let you immediately send any received funds. No need to use a website and then also use a wallet.

    There are many posts with suggestions about which wallets to use. Just do a search in this sub. I’d recommend following the comments by user bitusher because they know what they are talking about.

    You’ll want to move the BTC away from the wallet with seed generated from a website. So using your new wallet, generate a new seed phrase, and write it down. Get an address from the new wallet that you can use to receive your BTC from the old one.

    Then you will need to use the restore function to input the seed that you generated from the website. Any decent wallet will allow this. Make sure you use a trusted wallet though, because if you download any random thing it could be controlled by scammers that will steal your seed phrase and your BTC. Once restored, send your BTC to the address of the new wallet.

    Make sure your seed phrase is only written down. Never store it in digital form, whether that is a picture or a text file.


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