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I might use some assist/recommendation

Hello all,

Acquired a query, rookie right here so please do not decide 😀 I am being requested for my seedphrase as I am making an attempt to do fw replace on my trezor one. For context, it is a gadget that I’ve bought from official eshop again in Aug 2021. Pockets is empty, no funds on it and I have never used it in any respect since I did the preliminary setup. Value noting that I do not know what fw I used to be working earlier than.I am struggling to recollect if I did one other replace at any stage throughout this time however actually cannot keep in mind. As I linked the gadget I used to be requested to replace trezor suite and do the fw replace on my gadget. The final step from the method is to enter the 24 phrases. Was questioning, is that this legit? Can I am going forward or is that this a purple flag? Any constructive suggestions is very appreciated. With all of the shitstorms round us I made a decision to maneuver my stash away from exchanges.


5 thoughts on “I might use some assist/recommendation”

  1. Its a red flag for me, i have model T so idk if that is a bit different to One.

    Whenever i do an update it asks if i have my seed available, not to enter it in so i wouldn’t trust it. Never have i been asked by trezor suite or anything else to enter my seed, only if i have it ready with me in case something goes wrong.

  2. > As I connected the device I was asked to update trezor suite and do the fw update on my device. The last step from the process is to enter the 24 words. Was wondering, is this legit?

    It does not sound right, and I would not proceed. A Trezor Suite update or firmware update should not be prompting you for your seed phrase.

    Just to be clear, is it saying something like “Ensure you have your seed phrase before beginning,” or is it literally saying “Enter your 24 words now”?

  3. Hi, if your device is wiped (either you wiped it manually or the device wiped itself automatically, because something went wrong during the update), Trezor Suite will ask you for the seed.

    You should check our knowledge base where you can also see photos of how it looks when you are asked for a seed: https://trezor.io/learn/c/trezor-recovery and compare it with what you see.

    The golden rule is to trust your Trezor device. If your physical Trezor confirms that you should enter your seed, you know that it‘s a legit procedure.


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