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I need to begin creating some small doge competitions!

Howdy, I need to begin some doge competitions for the doge neighborhood. For instance, begin a lottery model sport the place I’ll have a quantity between 1-20000(just a few instance vary) and an internet site the place individuals will put in random guesses. The web site will put out a quantity and select a winner at a sure time and that winner will win a donation of x quantity of doge. Not one thing large, however could be enjoyable to get the doge neighborhood concerned and lively once more! Is perhaps a great way to ask different crypto fans that don’t consider in doge to play as properly. Additionally want to consider another enjoyable video games. Wish to construct a staff to start out one thing like this. Any takers?! Donations would assist out to get this concept began and in addition to fund future video games to present again to the neighborhood!

7 thoughts on “I need to begin creating some small doge competitions!”

  1. Competitions are great. The ones I did years ago were loads of fun, and the million Doge prize for the biggest drew some attention.

    But stay right away from anything random. Because it will be regarded as gambling and will be taken down and maybe even earn you a ban.

    Games of skill are the way to go, not chance.

  2. It won’t require people to pay to play, it’ll just be a small pool of doge from people who want to pay it forward. Was planning on starting the pool at 50 doge myself once a week so there will always be an amount. Do you know how I would be able to avoid it being considered gambling? And do you have any idea of what time of game that requires skills would be?


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