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I simply had the longest 2 hours of my life. Replace your pockets software program earlier than transfering coin!

I purchased a major quantity of bitcoin (to me) on coinbase a couple of weeks in the past. Determined to maneuver it into my ledger pockets. I copied the obtain handle from the pockets to Coinbase and clicked ship.

10 minutes goes by it would not arrive within the pockets. half-hour go by. That is bizarre. It is by no means taken that lengthy earlier than. Hour, two hours. I am beginning to really feel bodily sick at this level. What do I do? I used to be anxious that I had had malware redirect the funds despite the fact that I had double checked the handle.

I went on Ledgers web site and checked out their FAQ.

“Why aren’t my cash displaying up in my Ledger pockets?”

* Your cash could not present up if you have not up to date your ledger software program.

I up to date the software program and so they had been instantly there. Whew. Save yourselves this stress / panic. Replace your pockets software program.

37 thoughts on “I simply had the longest 2 hours of my life. Replace your pockets software program earlier than transfering coin!”

  1. I never had that issue. I update my software first. I always send the minimum first, and with that test transaction, I check the address, time and then send the big chunk..

  2. You need to study more how bitcoin works. You could have simply checked your transaction on any block explorer.

    Don’t use Ledger Live either. It absolutely sucks.

    Check out Sparrow Wallet. It works with your Ledger device.

  3. This is one of many reasons why you shouldn’t use ledger. other than being a shitcoin wallet with closed source firmware that is a black box, it’s also a mouse trap for your privacy and Bitcoin sovereignty.

    if you do continue to use ledger consider:

    > run your own [bitcoin node](https://bitcoincore.org/). [check the binaries/signatures](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0I-ImS_r8o&ab_channel=BTCSessions) of that node software to make sure you downloaded the correct version from the author (signatures should match!).
    > Connect that node to third party open source wallet/client software like sparrowwallet.com so you arent using some garbage like ledger live. Also check this softwares hashes/signatures.
    > connect your node software to your bitcoin client/wallet software which connects to your hardware wallet.
    > bingo you’re more self sovereign and private than you were a day ago.

  4. This exact situation happened to me except it was a 6 hour ordeal. Oh my God the horrible thoughts that go through your head. The pure despair made me want to quit crypto after 5 years in. When you press the update button at the top of Ledger Live you assume your using the latest version but No No you have to go to the setting page and download the new version from scratch. Ledger should do more to make this clear as some ppl might end up doing regrettable stuff in the panic. Anyway, I agree with OP, always update your Ledger software before transferring to Ledger Cold storage. That and also learn how to check your wallet balance on the blockchain.

  5. I think it’s important to provide a counterpoint that open source software is not always superior security for all situations. The downside is that you may have many hands touching the source, possibly un-vtetted contributors.

    This will probably get downvoted to hell because it doesn’t fit the popular narrative, but so be it.

  6. As long as you have your seed phrase it doesn’t matter. The wallet is just like an access terminal. The bitcoin shows up is in the account regardless of whether the wallet works or not.

    Your seed phrase is everything.

  7. 1. Always check if your ledger wallet is up-to-date. If not, do it immediately.
    2. When sending coin to a new address (i.e. one you have not saved), send a small fraction first to confirm you copied the address correctly. After the test amount has arrived, save and name the address, then send the remained. (lost $500 of IOTX from not checking first)


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