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Ideas on incoming adoption wave

After I see the slew of reports about this financial institution or that brokerage releasing their crypto buying and selling choices to each institutional in addition to retail traders, I can not make up my thoughts about which approach this can take us. What is the plan right here?

Bearish outlook: Will all of them promote IOUs or CFDs, thus suppress coin costs as a result of the massive boys wish to keep on with the Greenback?

Bullish outlook: Or have the massive boys realized the Greenback’s time is up so that they wish to revenue off of retail investor’s investments into cash, which means we’ll see a number of value appreciation?

What d’y’all suppose?

6 thoughts on “Ideas on incoming adoption wave”

  1. Is there some base case of your analysis that is something along the lines of, “Bitcoin has experienced increased acceptance as a new category of commodity investment among retail and institutional investors”?

    Your examples are probably both more extreme than the average entity considers when thinking about Bitcoin.

  2. >What’s the plan here?

    If you can’t fight it, embrace it.

    Dont forget:

    First they ignore you.
    Then they laugh at you.
    Then they fight you.
    Then you win.

    >Bearish outlook: Will they all sell IOUs or CFDs, thus suppress coin prices

    They try to. But as you can see, more and more of these fraudulent players collapse while pushing more and more people in self-custody. Slowly people get that you only truely own bitcoin once you are in control of the keys. [Increasing self-custody leads to decreasing paper bitcoin offerings](https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/zaojy6/if_we_deplete_the_exchanges_of_bitcoin_we_are), plainly because there’s an increasing bankruptcy risk for these fraudulent players.

    >Bullish outlook: Or have the big boys realized the Dollar’s time is up

    No. Not yet. Which is good. More time to stack sats for us. Everyone gets the price they deserve. The old fat finger dinosaurs will join as last, because they still can’t believe what’s happening and why Bitcoin will fix this.

    >so they want to profit off of retail investor’s investments into coins, meaning we’ll see lots of price appreciation?

    That’s absolutely what I think. Just give it still some time. If there were some virtues bitcoin taught me over the years and it was *modesty, honesty, openness and patience.*

  3. Yeah I wonder what can be done against this. How do we make people understand that the only way to actually own bitcoin is to buy them in such a way that you can withdraw them to your own wallet, ”not your keys not your bitcoin”.

    A lot of ”regular” people buy certificates and IOUs saying this stock reflects the btc price making people think they have ”invested” in btc when they dont even have any ability to withdraw them, and the bitcoin doesnt exist to back it up, definitely not in a 1:1 ratio. Hence, they can just sell almost an infinite amount of this fake btc stock suppressing the price to ridiculous extent because the btc price is not associated with the supply/demand of actual bitcoins but by the fake certificates and IOUs that the banks can issue with almost no limit.

    I wish the bitcoin market was solely BTC for this or this for BTC. Not fake papers saying you have this much BTC which you can only exchange for fiat hence really has nothing to do with bitcoin

  4. Only self-custody matters.

    Any of these institutions who are letting their customers “access bitcoin” are all insolvent frauds and scams.

    Only those of us who control our own keys actually own any bitcoin.


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