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If Bitcoin shoots up to $200k how many of you would sell all?

49 thoughts on “If Bitcoin shoots up to $200k how many of you would sell all?”

  1. Once upon a time, a man bought some gold coins. He held them for a few years until the price had greatly increased. He sold his coins for hundreds of millions of Zimbabwe dollars. He was rich, for a little while.
    Eventually, one loaf of bread cost several trillion Zimbabwe dollars, but the man only had millions.
    Welcome to New Zimbabwe, featuring your own local fiat currency.

  2. Realistically? I would probable sell enough to rebalance my portfolio and reward myself with a nice present for my hard work. Nothing crazy. A new motorcycle. A round of new computers for everyone. Things that I won’t realistically be able to afford if I’m solely relying on my regular income.

    I think there will always be a minimum amount of Bitcoin that isn’t for sale regardless of it’s dollar value. It might depend more on my life circumstances around the time it hits $200k as to what that amount is.

  3. There will never be a time that fiat currency will increase in value over time when compared to Bitcoin. In other words, I will never liquidate my Bitcoin unless I see some other investment that I believe is better than Bitcoin or unless for some reason I need cash right now, in which case I would liquidate only that specific amount.

  4. Bitcoin has been my savings account for years. I can spend some if necessary but I won’t sell. How could you trade the best money for the central banking cartel garbage. If you understand Bitcoin properly you never sell. Please read “The Fiat Standard” first.

  5. I’m about 90% sure I’m going to sit on what I have.
    Hindsight it’s always 2020 if I had sold what I had at the last all-time high or near it, it wouldn’t let me double what I had with the profit depending on when I bought Back. I’ve got a pretty nice position in the bitcoin miners so my plan is to see what I can make on those and that’ll make it easier not to be tempted to sell any of my bitcoin.

  6. I’d sell a lot at 200K. Maybe keep half a coin or something… and when it eventually comes back down, I’ll rebuy. These ATHs don’t seem to be great at sticking, and I want to have the most I reasonably and comfortably can in the long term- not the short term.

    That said, 200K isn’t a magic number, and there’s no magic number for me- it’s a matter of gauging the news cycle and the sentiments. I sold around ~60K/coin last ATH and rebought too early (~35K) but I’m still happy to have almost doubled in quantity. I’d be happy doubling again in the future! And maybe get myself something nice with 5% of the profits?

  7. I would – I’m at a point in life where I like my job, like my condo, like my car – I’d be able to satisfy my long term objectives with this amount and it would only make my present that much easier.

    I’d be able to pay off my mortgage, diversify into index funds, buy another condo in a city I’d like to spend several months a year (which I can bc of my job)

    I’ve been holding and accumulating consistently for 6 years.

  8. Once it starts dropping I’m selling, like millions of other users. This will make it drop faster and I’ll buy back in a year later when it starts going up

    Rinse and repeat. I’ll be ahead of all you HODL muppets in 10 years


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