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If I do not know commerce, is it value holding?

So I’m new to crypto with this I do not know commerce. I’m attempting to be abreast with the newest information surrounding crypto in order that I’ve an concept of when to promote, purchase or maintain. If I’m not a dealer is it value simply continuously shopping for bitcoin whatever the worth and at finest when it is low at a cut-off date?

8 thoughts on “If I do not know commerce, is it value holding?”

  1. > I don’t know how to trade

    So, don’t. 🙂

    You’re way ahead of many people that *think* that they know how to trade. I’m glad for you.


    > is it worth just constantly buying bitcoin regardless of the price

    Definitely yes. The point is, that you don’t make any decisions, so you can’t make any *false* decisions. Bitcoin is an asset that will appreciate very much in the long term, so just DCA in is a simple & safe strategy.


    > I have an idea of when to sell, buy or hold

    My tip: Always hodl the biggest amount of your btc portfolio. We will be rewarded in the long run.

    Other than that, DCA, but similar to you, I **think** that I have an idea when to DCA bigger sums, or when to cash out *some* profits. And I will try to. I think, I’m quite disciplined not to mess up or panic. And, as said, it will be for a small part of the portfolio.

    If you feel that you don’t know what you’re doing, stick to the simple ‘always DCA same amount’ and be safe.


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