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22 thoughts on “In 2021, Swedish Government Forced to Return Over $1.5 Million in BTC to Convicted Drug Dealer Due to Prosecutor’s Failure to Account for BTC Price Appreciation Between 2019 Confiscation and 2021 AuctionIn 2021 the Swedish government had to return over $1.5 million worth of BTC to a convicted drug dealer because the prosecutor failed to account for the huge appreciation in BTC price between when the ill-gotten coins were confiscated in 2019 and when they were auctioned by the state in 2021”

  1. One of the first usecases Bitcoin was to buy stuff on the deep web. Other was to buy itens in WoW.

    It will always amaze me that there is some lazy motherf*cker that all he did was play games and some w*ed and became rich with the dust he left in BTC.

  2. That’s gotta hurt for the Swedish government. Having to return $1.5 million to the convicted drug dealer just because of some technicality.

    You bet your ass this won’t ever happen in America.

  3. This is similar to the Mt. Gox situation but backwards – Mt. Gox wants to pay back based on the actual $ at the time they were lost, whereas users are saying, no, I want the bitcoins!


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