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internet provider

2 thoughts on “internet provider”

  1. then not using tor they cant see what you are doing but they can see where you a going and how much data is been sent and for protocols (like https) that use TLS SNI they can see the hostname/domain too

    they like found out you where torrenting because some one scraping a tracker it uses reported you

    with tor your ISP can only see that you are connecting to the TOR network and how much data is been sent (sames goes for any VPN not hosted on you home network) but the ISP on the other end of TOR or the VPN can see the same as you ISP if you where not using TOR or a VPN

  2. You said ” i torrented a game i wasnt on tor” or in English:-

    ” I torrented a game, but I wasn’t on tor” – so the cable company knows nothing about tor.

    A torrent is still an end-to-end connection, so the remote end saw your IP address and they phoned your cable company to complain. They have asked you to delete the game.


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