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14 thoughts on “Is 21 million BTC sufficient for lengthy long run?”

  1. There are no bitcoins at all. It’s a label for 100 mil sats. 2.1 quadrillion satoshis is a huge number of units. If some are inaccessible due to lost keys the others become more rare and more valuable.

  2. Imagine. 21,000,000 bitcoins. Divided by 8 billion people. 0.002625 bitcoins per person if it was split equally, which it will never be.

    1. Bitcoin will never be split evenly amongst each person on earth. It is mathematically impossible for every single person to hold 0.0026. That’s $44 usd right now.
    2. New humans are born every day. These people will eventually buy bitcoin. So you are dividing it amongst even more people.

  3. For a functioning economy, the amount of the absolute money supply is irrelevant. Theoretically, it would work even if there were only $100 in the world, as long as that $100 could be divided into enough sub-units.


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