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Is Coinbase Pockets my very own pockets?

Forgive the ignorance. I’m very I shopping for some Bitcoin earlier than it reaches $20k. I additionally like Ether. Then time to HODL. With all of the speak of doom/gloom with Exchanges and my very own unfavorable expertise with Voyager (misplaced all my cash presumably, acquired all my money) I’m not wanting to purchase/maintain on Coinbase, however, don’t essentially wish to mess with Metamask.

So, I do know Coinbase is a sizzling pockets however do I personal it/cash in it?

Ought to I’m going chilly pockets for a comparatively small quantity of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Thx to your assist prematurely.

(Thx for the information, edited authentic put up)

24 thoughts on “Is Coinbase Pockets my very own pockets?”

  1. 1- don’t disclose how much crypto you have. You’ve made yourself a target.
    2- yes, you own the coins in it.
    3- 100% recommend a hardware wallet with that type of money. Hot wallets are more at risk then cold wallets.

  2. Just FYI, many here think it’ll get much lower before $20K, as in potentially down to $12K. Don’t FOMO in with this recent increase in price. Buying opportunities should be plenty in the next year. DCA in over this period.

  3. And people should stop saying they are not yours. You have the keys for it and it’s yours. If Anything happens you can use your key phrase to transfer your crypto to any exchange or wallet. Just don’t lose your ????

  4. You are getting conflicting answers because Coinbase and Coinbase Wallet are two different things:

    Coinbase: They hold your keys. You have access to your funds as long as the platform is up and they haven’t restricted them for some reason.

    Coinbase Wallet: You hold the keys. The wallet is simply an interface for interacting with your crypto. If Coinbase goes down for whatever reason you can enter your seed into any other compatible wallet and have full access to your coins.

  5. Fresh meat! ???? *ignore all your dms; don’t validate shit with anybody ever for any reason. nEVER enter your pass phrase or recovery phrase into anything for ANY REASON EVER*** ***only maybe to recover a wallet


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