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Is connecting your ledger pockets to your mac/laptop a safety vulnerability?

This has most def been answered earlier than however I do not know how one can simply discover the reply apart from a random weblog submit or two. I am hesitating taking my funds off Coinbase and immediately into my Ledger pockets, however that is what’s required to get funds from Coinbase -> exhausting pockets?

7 thoughts on “Is connecting your ledger pockets to your mac/laptop a safety vulnerability?”

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  2. Generally, there is no risk in connecting your Ledger.

    To send coins to the Ledger, you must first use the Ledger to generate the address that you send to. When you connect the wallet and generate an address, it will be displayed on the Ledger itself. Any malware that might be on the computer cannot alter that address. Note that you must make sure that the address that Coinbase is going to send to is the one that you entered because it might be possible for malware to modify it at some point.

  3. Your device doesn’t actually hold your coins. It’s an authentication system to access your wallet on the web. Your seed phrase cannot be extrapolated from the device, which makes it a Cold Wallet. Hot wallets give you your seed phrase via web browser.

    They airgap the seed phrase which is why they’re desirable for maximum security.


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