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Is Inexperienced Pockets adequate to retailer my Bitcoin?

All my Bitcoin is on Binance. However as we will see the state of affairs with the CEXs, I want to get it of it first. Is Inexperienced pockets good as I exploit it already to retailer some sats, till I get a {Hardware} pockets?
What are different higher choices if not Inexperienced pockets?

7 thoughts on “Is Inexperienced Pockets adequate to retailer my Bitcoin?”

  1. Blockstream Green is the most solid layer 1 phone wallet imo. Phone wallets are totally safe (no reports of people losing funds to phone hacks) and suitable for smaller amounts.

    Definitely better there than on Binance.

  2. Green wallet is reproducible-build compliant.

    The F-droid repository rebuilds the installer to audit this. So, it is better to install it from there.

    Next, only grapheneOS (Android build) is reproducible-build compliant but it only runs on Pixel phones.

    So, Green wallet running on GrapheneOS should be very safe.


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