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10 thoughts on “Is it secure with dogecoin in Robinhood? I didn’t see there’s pockets…”

  1. I mean they’re public so no riskier than any CeX. Your crypto is not insured though so if they were to go insolvent it’s gone. The only difference is they are also a broker so if you converted it all to cash before they officially bankrupt that cash is actually insured. Never keep anything on a CeX you aren’t willing to lose.

  2. There are no RH wallets anyway. Just deposit addresses that go into one of their HD wallets which then get swept to cold storage.

    Is it risky? Hmm, let me think…. ????

    Was FTX risky? Mt Gox? Any of the many others which get robbed, imploded or were outright scams?

    The only truly safe way to hold your coins is in wallets you actually control. Text wallets are easiest, cheapest and most secure provided you make multiple copies on removable media you never expose online. They’re free, cost zero resources to maintain, and can’t be compromised if you do it right.

    Just search for ‘text wallet’ here and have a read.


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