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Is not it believable for Bitcoin’s market cap to exceed all worth of fiat mixed?

I’ve seen individuals say that bitcoin can by no means be priced at ridiculously excessive values reminiscent of 100mill per coin as a result of that will make the market cap of bitcoin exceed the worth of all cash on this planet.

Nevertheless, with increasingly more cash being misplaced then the upper the market cap might be. If all 21 million cash have been mined and all however one coin is misplaced. Then that would go away that final coin left in circulation extraordinarily precious. If that final coin is then valued at 100 mill as a result of that is all that is left then it will put the market cap at 2.1 quadrillion {dollars}. So we’re put in a state of affairs the place the market cap of bitcoin surpasses all fiat cash mixed, however solely as a result of the market cap is calculated on the 21 million provide even when 20,999,999 cash are misplaced eternally.

11 thoughts on “Is not it believable for Bitcoin’s market cap to exceed all worth of fiat mixed?”

  1. Lost BTC are not of concern. You could simply divide one coin by x amount.

    There is an infinity between 1 and 2, between 1 and 1.1, you only have to move the decimal.

  2. BTC is not just going after the global fiat market but the entire store of value market. Fiat is a broken monetary system that anyone with excess dollars gets rid of it right away by buying anything that could beat inflation. If we return to hard money you can actually save in then the store of value market can mostly return to the money; because that is the purpose of money.

  3. Those lost coins are still technically in circulation.

    World stock market has an Mcap of $89.5 trillion while there is only about $40 trillion of physical cash world wide. So yeah, technically possible, nearly impossible.

  4. 10 mil inflation-adjusted USD per BTC is achievable. That would be the scenario of Bitcoin being the sole major currency. 100 mil per BTC is hard to imagine, as that would put the market cap several times more than the current rest of all global asset classes combined. Total inflation-adjusted wealth increases over time so it could happen in the far future when we’re mining asteroids and shit.


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