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Is pockets compromised/is my trezor hacked ?

Hey guys so I simply despatched USDC from my trezor (3960 USDC from **0xf3b73Fedb0bea9DBC34f297C1d7e11D02d33654C)** to a different EOA.

3 minutes later a txn was despatched from the identical trezor for 0 USDC (to a distinct tackle).

I solely signed (clicked the verify txn button bodily) for the 1 txn so am confused what the second txn is all about (misplaced 5$ in fuel however am not too involved about that, nearly attainable compromise).

Solely the recognized (1st) txn reveals up on my txns checklist, however each present up on my erc20 txn checklist.

Regular txn checklist solely displaying the 1 recognized txn: [https://etherscan.io/address/0xf3b73Fedb0bea9DBC34f297C1d7e11D02d33654C](https://etherscan.io/tackle/0xf3b73Fedb0bea9DBC34f297C1d7e11D02d33654C)

Erc20 txn checklist displaying each, first accounted for, and second unknown: [https://etherscan.io/address/0xf3b73Fedb0bea9DBC34f297C1d7e11D02d33654C#tokentxns](https://etherscan.io/tackle/0xf3b73Fedb0bea9DBC34f297C1d7e11D02d33654C#tokentxns)

The primary txn is a straightforward ‘switch’ name, however the second is unable to be decoded.

Regular txn that could be a easy switch name (made by me)


Unknown txn displaying a switch of 0 USDC to many wallets together with USDT (batch switch or one thing)


If anybody might assist me determine what the second txn is i might vastly admire it. If my pockets is compromised I want to know ahead of later.

Oh and the txn accounted for was despatched utilizing trezor suite

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