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Is Rocketpool on the Verge of Collapse?Is Rocketpool in a slow death spiral?

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Rocketpool lately and it seems like people are saying it’s in a slow death spiral. Is this true? I’m curious to hear what other people think about this. Have any of you had any experience with Rocketpool? What do you think about its future?

16 thoughts on “Is Rocketpool on the Verge of Collapse?Is Rocketpool in a slow death spiral?”

  1. A legitimate concern…

    As a node operator, the exposure to RPL and associated risk is very real. It must be evaluated when deciding whether running RP minipools is right for you.

    I found the risk acceptable, as have many others. But it shouldn’t be downplayed.

  2. Really interesting analysis! I’ve always preferred Rocket Pool over Lido because it is more decentralized, but the one you described can be a significant issue. I believe that the team had seen this possibility when they designed RPL, so maybe they already have a solution for extreme cases.

  3. I’m an NO who sold a lot of ETH for RPL to get collateralized right before Atlas aka the top. I’m down so much on the RPL, it would take years and years of staking to break even.

    Takes some of the fun out of it; would be better if I was making money from rocketpool.

  4. >Disclosure: I’m not FUDing Rocketpool, I myself run multiple mini nodes and have for quite some time, but this is unfortunately a very real problem that will only become a bigger problem.

    Signature of a concerned user. Thanks for the write-up.

    On short , the Eth:RPL ratio is the issue, irelevant if the price will bounce back to former ath’s?

  5. I can confirm. Had to convert 4.8 ETH to RPL for the collateral of 2 minipools. Right now this is worth about 2.8 ETH. I can’t imagine how people feel who have much more than 2 minipools, they will probably never break even.

  6. Projects need to figure out how to generate and maintain revenue for governance token holders. It’s a problem for your token to have only the utility of “insurance” and no actual protocol revenue. That’s a problem that needs solved with a very significant amount of ETH project tokens unfortunately


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