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Is there a proof for not getting the complete contents of a purchase order?

Purchased some ETH on coinbase this morning, appears that it did not all find yourself in my account (purchased 6.8, acquired 5.7). There are not any transactions following stated buy. I am at a loss as to what occurred right here; I am open to the concept I did one thing silly (assist has been contacted, and so they escalated it, however no phrase and I would like a decision, even when it is that I am dumb)


6 thoughts on “Is there a proof for not getting the complete contents of a purchase order?”

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  2. Hi there, coinbasetw! Sorry to hear that this happened to you. You mentioned that you have already reached out to support but hasn’t received a response. Would you mind sharing a case number so we can look into it for you? Thanks!

  3. was that in advance trading? and not done in the converting crypto screen? if on the convert crypto screen they sold your BTC for a lower amount then the market value and bought ETH at a higher market value thats what they say is there “spread” but thats a difference of $1400 which doesnt seem right


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