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37 thoughts on “JUST IN: Elon Musk has said that Twitter may have funds in each fiat, & cryptocurrencies!”

  1. You need to understand, Payments with Doge could happen, but not soon, Im sure people are expecting something to happen on the 24/25/26th but I can guarantee you theres nothing major to happen in terms of movement of Dogecoin…

  2. Crypto only was need. No-one is going to go through the process of buy a crypto to the spend it on a laughable checkmark. Sheep will just use the credit card.

  3. #YAWN!

    It’s already been revealed that he burnt most of Twatter’s income stream by alienating advertisers, and introduced a penny-pinching fee for a free service which will be lucky to raise a few million a year.

    The Doge markets turn over about a billion dollars a day. A drop in the ocean slice of a drop in the ocean fee isn’t going to make any difference whatsoever, no matter how much hype people try and spin.

  4. I hope you guys understand that using a cryptocurrency that can vary in value from one day to the next, sometimes wildly, is kinda dumb to use for twitter points or whatever you’re hoping for.


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