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Last year, many media/news reports said El Salvador was gonna default on their $800m sovereign debt because they adopted Bitcoin. Well, El Salvador just paid all of it back… and the same media now refuses to cover it.

El Salvador Truely Pays Off All 800M Sovereign Debt

When in June of 2020, El Salvador announced the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender, speculation and predictions began emanating from media and news outlets. The main one of these was that El Salvador would be heading towards certain default on the $800 million sovereign debt due to its choice of currency.

However, despite being denounced as a “dangerous experiment” and the likelihood of its bankrupting, El Salvador pulled through and has paid off all of its debt, showing the strength of its nationalism, resilience, and innovation.

Positives of the Decision to Adopt Bitcoin

El Salvador’s decision to incorporate Bitcoin as legal tender in its economy brought several positives to their nation and people. These included:

  • Reaching Underserved Communities: The move allows greater access to financial services to those living in rural parts of the nation that are not currently served by traditional banks.
  • Increasing Remittances: By offering a cheaper and easier for for of money transfers for those living abroad, remittances will be increased by upon the adoption of Bitcoin.
  • Providing Financial Freedom: Apart from providing access to traditional banking services, Bitcoin — being a decentralised currency — will not be as prone to manipulation and unjust handling by governments as other traditional currencies.

False Predictions by the Media

The media’s initial predictions were to call this decision a “dangerous experiment” and predict El Salvador’s bankruptcy. However, the nation through its resilience has proved that it was not running away from its debt and has been completely transparent in its payment process, ensuring it restores its international financial credibility.

Sadly, the same media that initially issued false statements are now silent and are refusing to cover the story altogether.


El Salvador’s decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender has proven to be beneficial and a big step up from its traditional ways. Through this move, the nation has also shown its resilience and commitment to tackling its sovereign debt that the media labelled it incapable of doing.

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