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Learning from 3 Mistakes and 1 Success

We all make mistakes, and it’s important to learn from them. It’s easy to focus on the negative, but it’s also important to recognize the positive. Here, I’ll discuss three bad things I did recently and one good thing, and how I’ve used them as learning opportunities.

The first bad thing I did recently was procrastinating on a project. I knew I had to get it done, but I kept putting it off. I eventually realized that procrastination was only making things worse, so I made a plan and stuck to it. I learned that procrastination is a bad habit, and it’s important to stay on top of tasks.

The second bad thing I did was not listening to my gut. I had a feeling that something wasn’t right, but I ignored it and went ahead with the plan. I learned that it’s important to trust your instincts and to take the time to think things through.

The third bad thing I did was not asking for help when I needed it. I was trying to do something that was beyond my capabilities, and I was struggling. I eventually realized that I needed help, and I asked for it. I learned that it’s okay to ask for help, and that it can be beneficial in the long run.

The one good thing I did recently was taking the time to reflect on my mistakes. I took a step back and thought about what I had done wrong and what I could do differently in the future. I learned that it’s important to take the time to reflect on your mistakes and to use them as learning opportunities.

Overall, I’ve learned that it’s important to take responsibility for your mistakes and to use them as learning opportunities. It’s easy to focus on the negative, but it’s also important to recognize the positive and use it to your advantage.

28 thoughts on “Learning from 3 Mistakes and 1 Success”

  1. If you need money then no harm selling, but my thinking is they are free, so there is a 0 risk gamble holding until next bull to see where we land.

    Thats probably easy for me to say with the few i have, I guess that becomes more difficult with the more you hold. Still worth keeping the 75% for as long as possible.

  2. I have a written set of rules that helps me remember what to and, what not to do. Maybe you can make one for yourself too so that you can look it over before making any trading decisions.

    Have an awesome day!

  3. Life is all about evolution. What looks like a mistake to others might be a blessing in your life. OP has learned from these incidents. We are human and we make mistakes, but learning from them is what makes the difference. Keep your head up OP!

  4. We’ve all made mistakes… as a friend said it, the crypto market is 10% profits, 30% losses, and 60% regret. All we can do is learn from these mistakes, thank you for educating us 🙂

  5. To be honest, what you did is not that outrageous.

    I had the exact same thoughts as you. I looked at the past few months of Moon prices around the snapshot and distribution, and Moon price ALWAYS decreased following a distribution.

    I think what caught us off guard was the number of whales buying in that counteracted the usual sell volume, thus keeping price neutral / slightly positive.

    It’s hard to make accurate forecasts for this type of thing. I was providing LP since the beginning of March, and trimmed my whole position leading up to the snapshot and distribution. I’m also kicking myself, but live and learn right?

  6. Learning is always gut yet in I see Moons like a long term investment, if I’m not in the need of cash they’ll stay in my wallet for at least a year.

  7. This hits home. I almost traded my meager moon bag for a Reddit avatar. I went against my better judgment because I’m sure the post and my comments got downvoted to the deepest circle of hell, and I posted here on CC to get people’s takes on whether or not it was a good move. I ended up taking the advice of the sub, and kept my moons. Avatars come and go, but I earned these moons, and I cherish them. I’m sorry about your moons, and I totally get it. I’m pressured by my wife to sell anytime I go green. It’s tough times these days what with inflation on all goods and services, and anything would help, but I believe in moons.

    Thanks for this post, and i know you’re kicking yourself, so I hope you don’t get downvoted too hard. It’s rough out here lol

    Also, thanks for your contributions to the community. I’m sure you’ll make it so that this was a minor setback, and you’ll be back hodling all your moons.



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