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Ledger customers query

I’ve my crypto on a ledger. There’s an replace they need me to do.
I’ve full entry to my pockets however when seeking to see if I’ve my keys written someplace I can not discover them.
If I’ve entry to the pockets can I pull the keys off?
I am fearful that when I replace my machine I’ll lose entry and could be requested for the phrases.
With this type if stuff and ftx stuff and coinbase forcing plaid on use I do not know if crypto is price it.

16 thoughts on “Ledger customers query”

  1. If you don’t have access to your seed words anymore…the safest way is to buy a new hardware wallet and transfer the funds without doing the update you’ve mentioned. While you’re at it. Go for either a Coldcard, Bitbox2, Trezor, Keystone or Seedsigner. In terms of privacy they’re much better than this ledger crap.

  2. Ledger in your case recommends temporarily sending your funds to your exchange of choice. Lol!!

    Then they tell you to completely reset your device and send your funds back.

    Such a shitshop!


    Just don’t do the update, get a reasonable hardware wallet like Coldcard, Bitbox2, Trezor, Keystone or Seedsigner. Then send your funds over. And get rid of this crappy ledger.

  3. if you’ve lost your seed and cant reveal it again via the hardware wallet, I would transfer the funds to a new hardware wallet as soon as possible that generates a new seed that you would then write down.

    might as well upgrade to a more secure wallet anyways, try coldcard.

  4. Crypto absolutely is not worth it. Bitcoin, however, is a crucial element of the digital age which is just starting in the 21st century. It is truly decentralized money, and that means you have to start using appropriate software and care.

    We are talking about open source software, and buying hardware from reputable firms. Ledger is neither a reputable firm (marketing does not count), nor is its Ledger live app open source. Best practice is to use a coldcard, and run it through open source software wallet programs like Sparrow; or you could install TailsOS on a USB stick and make an electrum wallet that way. Just ditch Ledger already, it fuckin suuuucks. There is a >300 comment thread sticiked in the daily discussion for for your further education.

  5. Create a software wallet.

    Send a small test transaction first. Ensure it arrives.

    Send the remainder of your assets.

    Wipe the Trezor. Start it again as if a brand new device. Write down on paper the seed phrase. Shield it from cameras and other people. Do not say the words aloud in the presence of microphones.

    Send your assets back to the ‘new’ Trezor accounts.

    Store your seed phrase safely. I recommend etched into a steel plate and then secured somewhere only you know / have access to.

  6. No need to buy a NEW one. Why the hell so many recommend this bad advice…

    I kinda get it but common guys… the device works fine, no need for a new one.

    Send your stuff to a hot wallet, be careful it’s not compromised, you could use tails through an usb and electrum or just send your stuff to an exchange for this short period off time.

    Reset the device and write down the seed.

    Do it properly this time!

  7. So it always says that when you do an update. I’ve had a ledger since 2017 and I’ve never needed to reseed it after an update or a firmware update

    Just follow everything exact and if for some reason you do it needs to be done exactly like how you set it up the first time.

    Remember, the most common scams are things that look authentic but involve your seed. Your seed never ever goes on the computer. It’s only to be entered on The ledger itself. There are no exceptions to this. Anything that asks you to type your seed into your phone or computer is 1000% a scam if it is software involving a ledger

  8. End of what? Bitcoin? No I don’t think so.
    Decentralized banking is the future. There will always a way to hide financial transactions. Even the deep state benefits from it.


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