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9 thoughts on “Lets begin 2023 with doge at an ATH!! ????????????”


    It’s been tried multiple times. People have suffered every single time for it.

    Doge is not a shitcoin. It’s a currency. As such, it doesn’t need, and must never have, manipulation.

    If you want to get rich, learn to trade and put some actual effort in. Because trying to stampede people to do it for you never ends well.

  2. Just write an email to hedge funds that speculate on crypto and ask them how much money you should wire to them directly.

    Same effect but you avoid price-manipulation on doge to reduce the “it’s just a meme-coin that is used for pump&dump-schemes”-narrative by the haters.

    But if you want to give your money to people who are a lot richer than you are, do with your money whatever you want… it’s your money. If you do not want it, others will take it.


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