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List of Cardable Sites (without VBV) in 2022

As contactless payments and e-commerce become more prevalent, carding can be an appealing way to save money. Carding is just one type of credit card fraud, and it involves using a stolen or cloned credit card to make purchases online. However, with the continuing advancement of technology, carding is becoming easier and more prevalent. As a result, it is important to know which websites are cardable – that is, sites that do not require additional verification such as Verified by Visa (VBV). Here is a list of sites without VBV in 2022:

Big-Name Retail Websites

  • Amazon: One of the world’s largest online stores, Amazon is cardable without the need for VBV
  • Walmart: Walmart is one of the most popular stores in the world, making it a prime carding target without VBV requirements.
  • Target: Target also does not use VBV as an extra security measure.
  • Best Buy: Best Buy also does not require VBV for purchases.

Dedicated Carding Sites

  • CCPal: CCPal is one of the leading cardable sites that does not require VBV for purchases.
  • CVV2U: CVV2U is a trusted carding site without the need for additional verification.
  • Mr. White: Mr. White is another well-known site for carding without VBV.
  • Hit Store: This site is another option for carders without VBV requirements.

Gaming Sites

  • Steam: Steam, a popular gaming platform, is cardable without using VBV.
  • Origin: Origin is another gaming site that does not require VBV for purchases.
  • Uplay: Uplay is a third gaming site that can be carded without VBV.
  • GOG: GOG is a fourth gaming platform that is cardable without additional verification.

Despite the increasing sophistication of online security measures, there are still some sites that do not require VBV as an additional security measure. This list of cardable sites without VBV in 2022 should give you an idea of which sites are vulnerable to carding. However, it is important to remember that carding is a criminal activity and should be avoided.

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