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Looking for others specialising in Mobile

So after a few years of tasting many of the different flavours of hacking from straight up hardware modification to cryptography and web app vulnerability pen testing I always seem to come back to what is probably the least secure avenue in hacking when it comes to privacy but an area that is only growing in popularity over the last 20 years or so,…yes i am talking about mobile devices. I find that i have become quite adept at cracking Android devices. Often through online instruction and more recently through my own determination and what i will call experienced trial and error of old and new methods. I have also gotten into metasploit and used some Android exploits from that framework and I consider myself quite comfortable with how the android ecosystem works and believe i could be an asset to anyone wanting or needing to circumvent the security measures set out in said ecosystem. That being said I feel like i have come to a bit of a wall or a standstill so to speak when it comes to my knowledge base and resources and am hoping the community would be willing to let me in and help me become not only a better phone specialist but a better hacker in general so as i may some day be able

to not only grow but to survive and potentially thrive off of these skills. I know there are plenty of mobile enthusiasts/hackers out there but have had a hard time finding out where to communicate with them. (Aside from xda and the mainstream developer forums..,thinking my hat is a tad darker than that)..so if anyone here could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Also if you are someone who feels like they might be the type of person whom might benefit from my expertise or may be able to help me develop my own skills i implore you to reach out to me here and maybe we could flatten the learning curve out a bit. I focus om android but am always looking to learn more about Apple and any mobile device, platform, accessory or topic. I do have some specific things I’m looking to find out right away for the short term as well as some ideas as to how we could collaborate, but really am hoping for some long term communications and hope to establish my own little foothold or niche, if you will, in the hacking community at large through my experience and affinity for mobile devices. Anyways…apologies for the long-winded post but i am looking for people who can read, understand, and retain more than a tik tok video`s worth of information so hopefully I have only bored the wrong people and have piqued the interest of the right ones and I look forward to hearing from you all….stay safe out there.

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