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19 thoughts on “LTC Simply Pumped 27% And Right here’s The Motive Why”

  1. Here is the reason why, so that you dont have to click:

    >“Someone might file an application to get Litecoin designated as a
    digital commodity,” said Saylor in the live call listened to by over
    150,000 people.

  2. tldr; Litecoin (LTC) recently pumped 27% above the $80 level after Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor mentioned in a Twitter Spaces call that Litecoin may be designated as a commodity, just like Bitcoin. The jump in price has come as a surprise to some investors and left many speculating on what might be driving the price.

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  3. don’t buy on high, there’s more room for dump. wtf, that’s I’m saying too. if its beaks $90 mark, another dump to $69 to $70 level then it’ll go to $139 (more or less). check last 3 months of 2020.


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