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Maintain Seeds out of Security Deposit Bins; FBI Blanket Seizure of 400 Field Contents; Choose OKs;

Maintain Seeds out of Security Deposit Bins; FBI Blanket Seizure of 400 Field Contents; Choose OKs;

16 thoughts on “Maintain Seeds out of Security Deposit Bins; FBI Blanket Seizure of 400 Field Contents; Choose OKs;”

  1. TLDR; FBI raids a safety deposit vault in LA and opens all 700 boxes. They confiscate the contents of any box who’s items exceed $5000 in value. Appeals were filed, and judge ruled that no 4th amendment violation took place.

  2. That was not safety deposit boxes in a bank. That was a private safety deposit box business that was created specifically to allow criminals to anonymously store their illegal cash. That safety deposit box store itself was indicted on charges of conspiring with customers to sell drugs, launder money and structure cash transactions to dodge government detection. That is why the FBI raided the place and confiscated the contents of the safety deposit boxes. Innocent people are able to contest the confiscation in an attempt to get their stuff back. Dozens of box holders who denied criminal culpability contested the confiscation of their property and had their property returned. But less than half of the box holders contested the confiscation of the contents of their box.

    That private safety deposit box business admitted in federal court that they recruited drug traffickers as customers and ran the resulting money through the business a.k.a. “cleaning” (laundering) the currency. People who worked at the company also sold cocaine, set up drug deals at the store, and showed customers how to make cash transactions so that they could cheat requirements around currency reporting.


    That business already plead guilty to money laundering, admitting in federal court that it sought drug traffickers and other criminals as customers who often kept stacks of illegally obtained cash in their personal vaults.


  3. Modern western law is generally based on reversing the burden of evidence. That allows for the invention of new types of crime.

    If you have any money in your pocket, no matter how little, it is your responsibility to prove that you did not steal the money or that it is not otherwise the proceeds of crime. If you cannot conclusively prove that, then law enforcement will confiscate the money and never return it to you.

    In modern western law, this principle applies to all new types of crime.

    For example, if you get accused of domestic violence, this will be considered to be a true fact, unless you can decisively prove otherwise.

    In modern western law, you are always guilty unless conclusively proven innocent. This principle allows for spectacular corruption and devious selective enforcement. The West is doomed.

  4. tldr; A federal judge has ruled that the FBI’s seizure of tens of millions of dollars in cash and valuables from 700 safe-deposit boxes in Beverly Hills, California, did not violate anyone’s constitutional rights. The judge found no impropriety in the way the government obtained or executed the warrants authorizing the March 2021 raid. The raid came two weeks after the business was charged with conspiracy to sell drugs.

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  5. Was thinking about my current safety deposit box being held at a bank I’m currently not happy with (imagine that) and am playing with the idea of some sort of heavy-duty safe in my rented storage locker to remedy this. I would still need to craft some way to never have the storage locker compromised and/or put into a storage wars situation…

  6. I believe my tentative plan is to divide my holdings into 1 BTC per hardware wallet, then spread those physical wallets (each with different keys) around different locations (potentially around the world).

    1 whole BTC per wallet in more than one wallet is a loooooong way off today, but I’m playing the long game. DCA to an even greater level of freedom/ability to affect change in my slice of the world.

    Self-custody falls right in-line with my desire to not depend on government and/or their minions (sooo basically everything) There’s an element of irony here, but I digress.

    Along with some precious metals, etc. I want my assets to be unaffected by the whims and fuckery of the status quo compromising the majority of the global government. Although I hear El Salvador is nice ????

  7. Happened in london a guy I knew had 3 sites across the city and he allowed anyone to open one no checks nothing. In the end the police raid all 3 sites at the same time i actually had a box still but was empty lol. A few days after the raid it was reported that they had about 60m in cash and jewellery plus some guns et etc. the have a number for you to contact to go and pick up your goods only 10% of boxes where claimed ????????


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