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Market Monday – Dialogue


This publish will now be a weekly thread to maintain down on the scale of the publish and make it extra person pleasant!

All dialogue posts, questions and so forth referring to markets needs to be posted right here. Posts that belong right here which can be posted to the entrance web page will get you a 3 day ban. Persevering with the habits will end in a everlasting ban.

Clearly this doesn’t apply to information associated posts or different occasions particularly. Nonetheless publish asking about the right way to use a market, discover a market or speak about a market particularly must be on this thread.

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29 thoughts on “Market Monday – Dialogue”

  1. Tweaking right now, need some opinions. Is it common for police to set up fake vendor profiles and busy people for hypothetically buying small amounts of illegal drugs, or do they normally try to focus more on bigger fish, ie child porn sites, gun trades, and busting big vendors? For instance, if someone hypothetically bought 3.5g of cocaine from a vendor with zero reviews , how big of a chance is it that this vendor is a cop? If this hypothetical vendor had a very solid looking bio, and seemed to be legit, how likely would it be to assume it’s a set up. Also assuming hypothetical buyer was using tails, pgp encryption, and Bitcoin delivered to numerous addresses, how likely would it be that if it was a set up, and the hypothetical cop fake account would be able to pursue said individual, in the case that they have their real name and address. All hypothetically of course. Thoughts welcome please

  2. Looking for some advice. I know someone who recently became a vendor and needs ideas for stealth. It got me to thinking about some of the great stealth I’ve seen. Any body got any good ones for this. obvious double vac sealed mylar but like what else should I look out for us to us only for now

  3. ATTN: Been waiting on a withdrawal from AlphaBay for over a month now with no update.

    Been a common occurrence the last few months affecting many users, as well as some seriously selective assistance by the admins there.

    Be cautious!

  4. Does anyone else experience muscle pain from using blue pressed pills? I know they’re mostly fent but lately I’ve been having a hard time walking without pain, especially in the morning.

    That’s what sucks about oxy being hard to get because idiots didn’t know how to control their dosage. Fentanyl is even worse. But these muscle and joint pains are much worse than the health risk from oxy.

  5. Naw just stating a fact that most the exit scams happened early this year thru may/June or whatever month it was man. He’s the one who decided to let that sway him from buying. I never said the markets weren’t fine either.

  6. Uh, I guess I shouldn’t make a post asking this? But maybe I will.

    Anyway, how do you figure out how much your final amount will be on localmonero? I’ve bought from many places and while localmonero is the best, it still suffers from many xmr purchase avenues in that I am always guessing how much to buy to make sure it isn’t less than I need when it finally lands. And if you fuck up on localmonero, most sellers only sell from a certain amount up. So when I buy an amount that ends up being a few dollars short, I’m pretty fucked.

    How exactly do you calculate xmr purchase fees? I don’t see anything specific in the FAQ and I can’t tell if some sellers are just shorting me a little. The “market fluctuations” thing seems pretty bs to me when I lose $20 in 25 mins

  7. Seems like ASAP market has been quite reliable with their clearnet mirror-generator.. AlphaBay is ‘reliable’ but lots of fishy stuff happening with vendors apparently. Incognito, Bohemia, T2D are a little smaller but all three have their pros and cons, none of them are really reliable unless using a private mirror..

    One market I’ve been researching lately is Mellowmarket, seems to have good uptime and a good UI/good vendors for a very young market. They are psychedelics and cannabis only, but have great potential in a Cannahome kinda way.

  8. I deposited just under 1xmr to Alphabay wallet 2 days past, have seen well over 600 confirmations from my sent wallet, but the funds haven’t shown up yet in Alphabay… Can’t get anyone to respond on the support ticket…

    Any advice?

  9. I made the mistake of sending XMR directly through a market address. I have other cryptocurrencies on my exchange wallet, am I at risk of losing them? With XMR, the transactions are supposed to be much more secure and untraceable, does the exchange know I sent to to an illegal wallet?

    Thank you, I’ll be using a GUI wallet from now on

  10. Looking for (anonymous) former or current vendors on the Dark Web to interview as part of my thesis research. All data will be completely anonymised, and transcripts will be approved by you prior to further analysis. Interviews can take place as message exchanges and any other requests regarding the maintenance of anonymity, privacy or security will be taken into consideration. Vendors connected to the selling/dissemination of disinformation/falsified information are preferred however those selling hacking services or other cyber products are also relevant. There is no compensation for being interviewed but contributing your experiences will help to establish well-grounded research. Thanks!


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