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Mentor Monday, December 05, 2022: Ask all of your bitcoin questions!

Ask (and reply!) away! Listed below are the overall guidelines:

* If you would like to study one thing, ask.
* If you would like to share information, reply.
* Any query about Bitcoin is honest sport.

And do not forget to take a look at /r/BitcoinBeginners

You possibly can kind by new to see the newest questions that will not be answered but.

8 thoughts on “Mentor Monday, December 05, 2022: Ask all of your bitcoin questions!”

  1. A block is mined every ~10minutes so why do people say at minute 9 into a block that it’s still 10minutes before next block, statistically it should be less if the average time is 10 minutes

  2. How should we purchase it and how should we store it? I have some on apps like cash app but I’m gonna start buying soon and I’m a bit confused because people say to take it off these platforms


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