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Metamask will now acquire your IP adress. What are your choices?

Consensys, the corporate that owns MetaMask, simply up to date its Privateness Coverage and fromw now on once you use Infura as your default RPC supplier in MetaMask, Infura **will acquire your IP deal with** and your Ethereum pockets deal with once you ship a transaction.



**Sataying with Metamask:**

-If you wish to proceed utilizing Metamask, you possibly can change your RPC supplier. Alchemy is an efficient possibility, and yow will discover a tutorial [here](https://docs.alchemy.com/docs/how-to-add-alchemy-rpc-endpoints-to-metamask). Another choice is to alter your RPC to “[http://localhost:8545](http://localhost:8545)”

**Ditching Metamask:**

Ther’s at all times the choice to change wallets. You may attempt different common wallets like TrustWallet or [rainbow.me](https://rainbow.me) There are different common choices like Rabby, or Coinbase Pockets, however I can not vouch for them as I have not tried them.

When utilizing DeFi nobody must be tracked. Keep secure frens

35 thoughts on “Metamask will now acquire your IP adress. What are your choices?”

  1. Only use Bitcoin and Monero. No centralized shitcoins so don’t care. Everything else is just a silicon valley start up. They can and will have eventually on chain KYC. If you don’t recognize it then you’re not paying attention.

  2. This is very unfortunate, and unfortunately not unexpected.

    The points made above to avoid this are good ones, change your RPC.

    You should also, always be using a VPN when connected to any wallet, and using any DeFi dApp, regardless of the wallet or RPC being used.

    I recommend a VPN as a general on line security practice as well as a Crypto and DeFi practice.

    I love Ethereum for the innovation and great teams building on it, but I see very concerning trends on ethereum and ethereum based tools towards centralization, tracking, and anti privacy.

    It is getting more difficult to be psuedo anonymous, let alone anonymous in ethereum and EVM based networks.

    The most important narrative this cycle will be privacy, with the only other one close to it being interoperability.

    Privacy solutions are becoming necessary to even make a safe transaction. DeFi without privacy is a far worse platform that the current one we are trying to replace. Privacy = security.

    Privacy based wallets as well. There are a lot of trackable info that are enabled in wallets that are overlooked, and the IP tracking info has no place to be pushed onto a wallet platform.

    I find myself moving more and more out of ETH and into Cosmos and Secret Network, the more I see this trend continue.

    Thankfully I can bridge directly from ETH to SCRT.

    I do not think the Tornado Cash events being followed by this move are a coincidence.

  3. Not sure if Alchemy is an improvement:

    “We may collect certain information automatically when you use our Services, such as your Internet protocol (IP) address, user settings, MAC address, cookie identifiers, mobile carrier, mobile advertising and other unique identifiers, browser or device information, location information (including approximate location derived from IP address), and Internet service provider. We may also automatically collect information regarding your use of our Services, such as pages that you visit before, during and after using our Services, information about the links you click, the types of content you interact with, the frequency and duration of your activities, and other information about how you use our Services.”


  4. It’s incredible the amount of misconceptions around this topic.


    Metamask is just a wallet, like ledger or like a piece of paper with a private key written on it.

    It also allows you to interface with nodes, like most wallets out there. But to interface with those nodes, is necessary to interact with a blockchain provider, in this case, infura. Infura logs the IP, and will log it if you use with MetaMask OR WITH ANY OTHER WALLET.

    You can easily change Infura from your MetaMask wallet

  5. Oh my god do any of you even know what an IP address is? Literally every server you connect to on the internet gets your IP address. If you were basing your security on the goodwill of others you’re asking for it. The onus is on you to protect yourself, wear a rubber, use a good VPN or use Tor, don’t raw dog the internet.

  6. It’s unbelievable how the original ideology that propelled crypto forward has just become an afterthought. It’s just a money making vehicle like anything else in the traditional economy. Makes me sad.


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