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Michael Saylor describing precisely how FTX acquired wiped utterly out

Say what you need in regards to the man, however his thoughts is subsequent stage genius on the subject of determining shit like this. Saylor breaks down precisely what was happening at FTX and the way it sunk itself:

[Michael Saylor Destroys Sam Bankman-Fried From FTX – YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsPNjskCHr8)

6 thoughts on “Michael Saylor describing precisely how FTX acquired wiped utterly out”

  1. Saylor just explained away the mystery of the FTX/ SBF fraud.
    Created $8-16B in phantom value with his shit coins – then used that to borrow/steal real money from real customers on his FTX exchange with him as the applicant and approval.
    When customers wanted their money – it was gone. He already spent it.
    This is not even the VC money he took which was a few hundred million or more.

  2. FTX being blown up is the best thing that could have happened to Bitcoin. The people who lost their money / coins are to blame. You don’t gamble with Bitcoin. A classic market shakeout


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