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Misplaced wealth from trade failures?

How a lot and with who did you lose wealth from a trade failure or fraud? I’ll begin, 2.5 BTC frozen and certain misplaced on Voyager app. (Thanks Mark Cuban). Curious to listen to about others.

25 thoughts on “Misplaced wealth from trade failures?”

  1. Never understood the whole lets invent a money that doesn’t need to be held by others on your behalf, so lets let others hold it for me for 6% interest mentality. Peak fiat world nonsense. Do better. Never lost shit to exchanges as i always custody my stuff

  2. Voyager was $78K. Celsius was $28K. When celsius froze my funds I ordered a Ledger and then Voyager started doing the “everything is OK!” PR routine. I sold all of my shitcoins and altcoins at a 95% loss then did daily withdrawals until the final day i was locked out. Fuck all of them but fuck me for thinking that sweet $350.00/mo in “rewards” was worth losing 3yrs of savings for.

  3. I lost my savings by lodging it in an unregulated bank in a different country because they told me they will give me 4% interest then they went bankrupt.

    Na I didn’t, but that’s what people are basically doing by keeping their money on exchanges.

  4. When BlockFi fucked up and paid people a wrong bonus in BTC last year, I bailed out because I figured if they were that incompetent, the end was near.

    Unfortunately, I ended up leaving $0.71 in my account which is now lost forever due to the recent happenings. Best seventy one cents I ever lost!

  5. I was going to put over 1 btc into celcius take a loan and buy more
    But then I thought to my self “not your keys not your coins”

    I’d lose all of it now I have around the 1.5 btc

    Still nothing tho I won’t be rich unfortunately ;((


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