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Most Efficient Cold Storage SystemBest Cold Storage System

Hello everyone!

I’m looking for some advice on the best cold storage system for my cryptocurrency. I’m looking for something secure and reliable, and I’m wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I’m also interested in hearing about any experiences people have had with different cold storage systems.

Thanks in advance for any advice or recommendations!


8 thoughts on “Most Efficient Cold Storage SystemBest Cold Storage System”

  1. Coldcard is a great device and very trusted by the community. Only downside if you don’t know 100% that the hardware is safe.

    Seedsigner is a bit annoying as you should build it yourself from off the shelf hardware however the advantage is you know the hardware has not been messed with. Rock solid software.

    Coldcard is easier, better features, off the shelf and more expensive.

    Seedsigner is cheaper, you trust no one however is more annoying to build and use.

    Good luck

  2. first of all:
    these questions belong too r/Bitcoinbeginners

    >the best way to store my bitcoin

    “best” imo that means the most secure way.

    1. Build a seedsigner yourself. Verify the code.

    2. Create a seed in an secure physical enviroment. (Multisig against 5$wrench attack)

    3. The words should never touch any other device then your seedsigner.

    4. Make a metall backup. Backup everything that might become important. The words, the derivation path, all the xpubs for multisig etc.

    5. Prepare presigned tx’s too your hot wallet for the upcomming year worth the amount you would need in that time. That allows you to not frequently acces your metall backup and potentionally leak its location. And thiefs have no benefit from finding your presigned tx.

    5. Create nTimeLocked signed tx’s too your inherits. Renew them every 5 years(5 = personal preference).

    6. Consolidate small UTXOs (that can be consolidated from a privacy perspectiv). Its worth it when you expect future onchain fees to double from what there are now. And its always worth it at 1sat/vbyte.

    7. Make a brain emergency backup and train regulary.

    *Send coins only through PSBT.


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