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Moving 2% of my net worth into BTC

9 thoughts on “Moving 2% of my net worth into BTC”

  1. Yea I dunno I moved a little over half my net worth into Btc around this time last year,

    Now due to the deflationary status of Bitcoin, and the shit strength of Canadian dollar it’s now 87% of my networth

    even though I’ve only been dcaing 10% of my earnings since then.

  2. I’m not sure your 99% failure rate applies to Bitcoin now it’s been around for 15 years. It’s withstood a helluva lot in that time, though I agree its future success isn’t completely assured.


    A 2022 BlackRock technical paper calculated the optimal allocation to BTC for someone who was invested 60/40 in stocks and bonds (due to their risk tolerance) and it came out as 84.9% (because of the massive returns it had experienced). Appreciate future returns are unlikely to be as stellar as the first 11 years, over which the paper was based, but they pointed out that “…an investor needs only to believe the bliss regime will occur with probabilities around 0.0005 to hold optimal BTC allocations of approximately 3%.” In other words you only need to have 0.05% belief that future returns for BTC will be similar to the first 11 years in order to justify allocating 3% if you had a medium risk appetite.


    I think you’re being way over cautious with 2% personally.


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